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Captain Alex Moran

St. Louis Missouri isn't the most likely of places for a saltwater fishing guide to grow up but we all start somewhere right?

At a young age I began fishing with my mother and father in little ponds around the bi-state area. Catfish and bluegill were the order of the day and it wasn't long before I was begging to be dropped off at the park for a few hours to bend a rod.


It was about this time that I found my dad's old Orvis 6weight in the basement and my interest in fly fishing was piqued. At this point it was nothing more than tying a few flies and casting in the back yard every now and again. I was nine... what did you expect?!

It wasn't until I had transportation and my own source of income at the end of high school that I picked up my own fly set up and began cutting my teeth in the spring creeks of the Ozark Mountains in southwest Missouri. I was hooked.


Remembering waking up in the mornings and watching Flip Pallot's "Walkers Cay Chronicles" and Joese Wejebe's "Spanish Fly" made me hungry to try my hand in the salt. After making my first trip to Key West and hooking my first tarpon on fly with Shane Wood (look him up if you're down there, he's a great guy) I began making plans to move to Florida after college.


Fast forward to 2016 when my now fiance and I moved down to the Ft. Myers area almost solely for the rich waters surrounding Matlacha, Pine Island, and the barrier islands outside of Charlotte Harbor. Just three months later I took delivery of my gorgeous Beavertail Strike and I was off to the races.


I spend every spare moment poling my boat around the mangrove creeks and flats in the aforementioned waters in search of solitude and our many species of game fish. The learning  curve has been steep but rewarding, and I've met some amazing people along the way. Hop on board and let me show you around while we share some stories. 

- Captain Moran

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