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Flats & Backcountry

Step aboard my Beavertail Strike for a day plying the skinny waters of Matlacha, Pine Island Sound, and Charlotte harbor for the area's premier gamefish. I specialize in using all artificial baits whether it be fly fishing, soft plastics, or plugs. Without having to rely on catching bait and using my shallow drafting skiff we can run to the shallowest of flats and start fishing BEFORE everybody else. Sometimes we even beat the fish there and have to endure a gorgeous sunrise while the tide starts to turn. (Life can be terrible down here sometimes). Your charter will be custom tailored based upon a few phone calls before hand in regards to weather, tides, skill level, and target species. Everyone, regardless of their experience, is welcome to fish on my boat so don't hesitate to ask questions while we're on the water. 

As a USCG licensed captain I provide all safety equipment and licenses for up to six passengers. However the skiff is rather small so space and safety limit my passengers to two if we're going to fish right. I also provide all tackle but feel free to bring your own. Please let me know in advance, however so that I can plan storage accordingly.


What to Bring- A good attitude! It's hard to be grumpy on a boat. Also, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are a MUST down here. Bring a camera to record your catch and any snacks or beverages you desire. I'll have ice and water ready to roll for you.

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